Real Estate Valuation Workbook

The Valuation Workbook summarizes the evaluation made using the Sales Comparison Analysis. It includes details about the subject property and the comps and adjustments made in the workflow, as well as an overview of local housing market conditions.

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What’s Included:

  • Subject Property Summary
    • Property Values
      • Sales Comparison Analysis
    • Homeowner Facts
  • Home Facts
  • Extended Property Facts
  • Property Photos
  • Historical Photos
  • Property History
    • Tax and Assessment History
    • Listing and Sales History
  • Sales and Financing Activity and Price Change History
  • Map Layers
    • Aerial Map
    • Birdseye Map
    • Flood Map
    • Plat Map
  • Your Comps
    • Comparables Analysis Summary
    • Current Range of Comparable Homes
    • Historical Range of Comparable Homes
    • Comps and Adjustments Map
    • Comps Grid
    • Comp Property Details
    • Comp Photos
  • Local Market Conditions Summary
    • Inventory Analysis
    • Sales of Similar-Size Properties
    • Sales of All Properties of the Same Type
  • General Market Health Charts
  • Market Activity
    • Market Activity Snapshot